Our pregnancy & childbirth products benefit the health and welfare of the mother and child during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the first couple of weeks thereafter.

Each of these products have been either selected or created by Dianne Bjarnson, who has had 3 decades of hands-on experience in the prenatal, birthing, and postnatal midwifery care of well over 1000 women and their babies. With proven formulas and Dianne’s wealth of knowledge in this field, you can feel confident in using any of these products. Be sure to take advantage of the Traditional Midwife line of products that Dianne has personally created, based on her extensive knowledge and experience! All the products that Dianne creates are manufactured at our facilities and have been used for years by Dianne and other midwives.

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MEND-IT SYRUP™, 20 fl oz



Peri Bottles, 8 fl oz

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