Instructions for Using Sunstone Formula’s Virxcan-X Salve

Recommendations: *  If the salve seems dry, add a a few drops of water to it.  Apply a thin layer of the moist paste only on the affected area. Then cover the area with a Band-Aid or gauze. Keep the area covered for 24 to 48 hours. You will likely experience a slight burning or […]

Candida-X White Paper

Candida-X White Paper By Eric Bjarnson, Ph.D., Sunstone, Inc. October, 2015 Candida-X is an herbal supplement formulated by Dianne Bjarnson, Master Herbalist (Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing) and CEO of Sunstone, Inc., Pleasant Grove, Utah, for supporting the restoration of a healthy balance between the fungus/yeast Candida albicans and beneficial bacteria making up the […]

Instructions and Recommendations Accompanying Sunstone Formulas’ Candida-X Tablets

Take Candida-X Tablets with meals.  Begin with 1 tablet and build up to no more than 4 tablets daily.  Taking 4 tablets/day, one bottle lasts 30 days.  As with all dietary supplements, you need to be responsible for monitoring your body’s response to Candida-X Tablets to determine the precise dose you should be taking.  It will vary […]

Gallstone Flush Instructions

The following information is summarized from The Cure for all Diseases by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., Chula Vista, CA: New Century Press., 1995. Ingredients needed for Gallstone Flush: Epson salts, 4 Tablespoons ( – 8 oz , $1.00) Olive oil, ½ cup (lighter oil is easier to get down) Pink grapefruit, 1 large or […]

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