Return Policy


Our general policy for returns/cancellations is to collaborate directly with our customers on a case-by-case basis.  Thankfully, we’ve only had a couple of cases since we opened our store in January, 2005!  Before you click on the link below and go through the effort of filling out and submitting the product return form, please thoroughly read and understand our Return Policy:


DAMAGED ITEMS : If you have issues or questions regarding product integrity (e.g., apparent damage to product during shipment), please report this to us within 24 hours of receiving your order either by calling us at 1 888 838-4118 between 8am-5pm MST or by emailing us at  We will mutually determine with you what the presenting issue is and how we’ll resolve it, whether it be by shipping you another item, reimbursing you/crediting your CC or account, etc.  UNDAMAGED ITEMS:  We will reimburse/credit you for undamaged, unopen, and unused product that you ship back to us for whatever reason post-marked no later than 30 days after you receive your order, minus a 15% restocking fee!  IMPORTANT NOTE: We do NOT reimburse/credit you for product returned after that, or at any time for the return of damaged, open, or used product, unless we agree to do so for a compelling reason after consulting with you.  SO, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU SEND ANYTHING BACK TO US!



  1. After 30 days following the receipt of the order we can no longer accept returns.
  2. Claims that a certain ingredient is existing in or lacking from a product.  Customers assume all responsibility to pursue such investigation BEFORE the purchase of the product. fully discloses ALL the ingredients in its own proprietary formulas in our eStore product pages.  We also do the same for our 3rd party products, except for Virxcan Black Salve and Tablets.  For the last two products, we only disclose what the proprietary owner has permitted us to display to our customers.  Questions regarding the ingredients or make-up of any of the products we sell in our eStore should be asked prior to the customer’s purchase of the products in order to dispell any misconceptions or to avoid purchasing something from us that is undesireable to the customer.
  3. Anytime after opening the product and using it.
  4. Claims that the product is not working according to the customer’s preconceived notion of how it should be working.  As is true in ALL fields of medicine and health care, no two people are going to be affected in exactly the same way by the same product,  procedure, or treatment!  Everything we state in our eStore is based on extensive research and experience, as well as on what customers report to us, but none of our information can be taken to guarantee a certain outcome for our customers.  When customers purchase products from us, they are individually responsible for how they use the products and the outcomes of their use. will gladly answer any questions about the use of products from its customers, but the company will not take responsibility for precisely how the customers use the products nor their effect on them (whether it be positive or negative).  
  5. Claims that has changed the ingredients or the formula in some non-disclosed way so as to render it less desireable/effective for whatever reason.  We certainly are interested in getting feedback from you regarding our products, and we will strive to answer your questions regarding these matters openly and honestly, but we will not reimburse you for products that you consider to be different from before, when they are not, in fact, or when they are, and we have fully disclosed this in our product pages in our eStore (which is our policy to do!) at the time you purchased them.


If you still need to make a return please contact us, and we will be glad to work out the details:


phone: 1-888-838-4118