About Us

Sunstone Formulas Harvesting Herbs

What makes Sunstone Formulas unique among the myriad herbal formulation companies around the world?


Many of our products are unique.

Simply put, we offer many products that do not have counterparts in the herbal industry.  For instance, many of our formulas making up our line of pregnancy/labor/delivery products are unparalleled, and that is why they are so popular among direct-entry midwives, health care professionals, and those who desire to take more ownership of all that is entailed in preparing for a baby’s birth.

Our formulas are handmade.

While there are many very small herbal companies that hand-make a small number of products, there are no mid-sized companies like Sunstone Formulas that hand-make such large quantities and such a large number of formulations.  We have over 70 products that we prepare right in our own facilities, with our own hands.  The contents of each and every bottle of syrup, salve, glycerite, and tincture, and each bag of tea or powder is carefully measured and inspected against our quality standards.  If something does not meet our expectations, we fix it.

Our herbs are the highest quality.

All our herbal formulas that we sell originate from either organically grown or wild-harvested herbs.  We use only the freshest and most potent ingredients that we can get our hands on.  Some of the herbs we use are harvested right out of the local Uintah Mountains in Utah by herbologists and their trained assistants.   Others we get from various high-quality herb providers all across the country.  In the event that we acquire an herb that does not meet our expectations, we reorder from another source rather than use the subpar plant in our formulas.

Our extraction methods and formulation processes are superior.

We have developed over the last 10 years a unique extraction methodology that allows us to extract a greater amount of the nutrients and healing properties from the herbs than common processes allow.  We also insist on extracting from the appropriate parts of the entire plant, thus enabling us to acquire a full array of the plant’s properties for maximum healing benefits.  Thus our formulas tend to be more powerful and effective than our competition’s. 

Disclaimer:  Our whole-plant extraction methodology confirms and ensures that we are not playing the conventional pharmaceutical game of isolating particular nutritional properties in certain amounts from the herbs in order to promote a prescribed physiological response.  That is the realm of synthesized drugs and supplements, and we are not in that business!  And that is why throughout our eStore and other websites we refer to our products as exclusively “whole-food,” “whole-plant,” or “whole-herb.”  Moreover, in order to avoid associating our products with even the very appearance of conventional drugs or supplements, we deliberately refrain as much as possible from utilizing nomenclature specific to the practice of medicine, and we do not specify particular medical outcomes as a result of taking our products. 

We ship out orders promptly.

One of the standards of excellence that we strive to maintain is to fulfill orders within 24 hours of getting them.  Like you, we hate waiting for two to three weeks to receive something that we need right now!  We ship everything USPS, and your order arrives typically within three business days anywhere in the U.S.