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Emergency Childbirth: Laceration Repair


This 47-page downloadable booklet is a clear, concise, and exhaustive how-to manual on the basics of suturing a mother's tears during emergency childbirth.  Copious illustrations augment the text in explaining and showing how to maneuver your hands and suturing needle to successfully repair from simple to complex lacerations.

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Emergency Childbirth:  Laceration Repair is a definitive 47-page booklet that teaches and, through Steve Keele's beautifully-clear and meticulous illustrations, demonstrates how to repair a birthing mother's commonly-occurring lacerations in an emergency situation. Dianne Bjarnson, the author and well-known pioneering Utah midwife, calls on her extensive and rich practical experience and decades of intensive research on the subject to present an exhaustive compilation of how to deal with just about every kind of laceration and presentation issue one could encounter in emergency birthing situations.  To give you an idea of the breadth of topics Dianne covers, here is the booklet's table of contents:

Chapter 1: Suturing Guide

Importance of Laceration Repair

Who Should Do the Suturing?

Learning to Suture

Suturing Procedures

Proper Perineal Care After Suturing

Chapter 2: Suturing Equipment




Deadening Agents

Chapter 3: Assessing Damage

External Female Genitals (Vulva)

Superficial Pelvic Floor Muscles

Deep Pelvic Floor Muscles (Levator Ani)

Central Point of the Perineum

Anal Sphincter Complex

Classification of Damage

Chapter 4: Knots and Stitches

Proper Stitch Placement, Depth and Tension

Three or Four Throw Square Knot

Interrupted Stitches

Knots for Running Stitches

Running Stitches

Chapter 5: Repair

Make a Plan

Repair of First-Degree Lacerations

Repair of Second-Degree Lacerations

Repair of Third-Degree Lacerations

Repair of Fourth-Degree Lacerations

Chapter 6: Other Methods

Dr. Christopher’s Burn Paste

Sunstone Formula’s Knit-It Paste


Tissue Adhesives

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Obstetric Fistulas

Chapter 7: References


Fistulas and Genital Mutilation


This suturing booklet is part of a textbook that Dianne is writing on emergency childbirth.  The book will be published sometime in 2016.

Instructions on Downloading:

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