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Instructions and/or recommendations/suggestions that accompany a product.

Instructions and Recommendations Accompanying Sunstone Formulas’ Candida-X Tablets

Take Candida-X Tablets with meals.  Begin with 1 tablet and build up to no more than 4 tablets daily.  Taking 4 tablets/day, one bottle lasts 30 days.  As with all dietary supplements, you need to be responsible for monitoring your body’s response to Candida-X Tablets to determine the precise dose you should be taking.  It will vary […]

Gallstone Flush Instructions HOW TO do a Parasite Cleanse and a Gallstone Flush Gallstone Flush Instructions

In her book, The Cure for all Diseases (1995, New Century Press), Hulda Regehr Clark argues that a major cause of cancer and many other diseases is the proliferation of parasites in the body. The truth is, everyone has parasites in their bodies. It becomes a problem when these parasites multiply to an extent that […]

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