Instructions and Recommendations Accompanying Sunstone Formulas’ Candida-X Tablets

  1. Take Candida-X Tablets with meals.  Begin with 1 tablet and build up to no more than 4 tablets daily.  Taking 4 tablets/day, one bottle lasts 30 days.  As with all dietary supplements, you need to be responsible for monitoring your body’s response to Candida-X Tablets to determine the precise dose you should be taking.  It will vary from one person to the next, and may vary from one week to the next.  You can always either increase or decrease the dose according to your needs and also taking into consideration your health care provider’s recommendations, if you choose to consult with one for your particular situation.
  2. Add to your diet enzyme-rich and probiotic-rich foods to augment and strengthen the gut’s ability to properly digest food and naturally eliminate over-abundance of Candida and maintain it at appropriate minimal levels. Properly-fermented and properly-soured vegetables are an excellent and delicious source of naturally-occurring enzymes, probiotics, and other nutrients. The GAPS diet offers an array of foods for enriching the gut’s digestive flora and strengthening the immune system. Check it out online.
  3. Add pico-ionic magnesium supplement to your daily diet. Magnesium is needed by the body to break down Acetaldehyde in the blood stream, which is one of the powerful toxic by-products of yeast. Check out pico-ionic magnesium online.
  4. As necessary, supplement with additional probiotics and enzymes. You can take digestive enzymes with your food and proteolytic enzymes between meals for destroying toxic fungi and inflammatory free radicals systemically throughout your body. Search for the best sources, and be wise in your supplementation.
  5. Eliminate from your diet all sugar and sugar-producing foods, including all highly-processed foods. Also, eliminate from your diet all foods to which you have an allergic reaction. Later on, as your body gets healthier, you might be able to reintroduce some of these foods back into your diet, cautiously. Whenever possible, utilize organically-grown foods in your meals. Stay away from GMO products altogether. Eat out of your own garden as much as you can!
  6. De-stress your life by eliminating activities that stimulate at the expense of your psychological/emotional/spiritual equilibrium. Remove yourself from toxic environments as best you can. Practice mindfulness meditation to train your subconscious mind (which includes your body) to release fears and worries, accept things you can’t change, and empower you to take charge of things over which you should have control. Enriching your spiritual inclinations through contemplation, prayer, and worship, and recognizing and choosing the good in your life and being grateful for it goes a long way toward calming and empowering your soul, paving the way for your body’s resources to naturally intervene and restore balance and health to itself.

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