The use of essential oils has a very long and rich history, including biblical citations and formulas written in hieroglyphics on the walls of Egyptian temples. Essential oils are extracted from leaves, bark, twigs, peel and flowers of plants by means of steam distillation, chemical solvents or cold pressing. The resulting oil is very concentrated. Because essential oils are very effective and handy to use, they are excellent to include in your first aid supplies. Methods of use include: direct application, diffuse, massage, inhale directly from bottle, bath, spritzer, compresses, etc. They can be added to herbal teas and lotions or diluted with carrier oils. Carrier oils should be a good quality of organic vegetable oil such as olive oil or almond oil. Add a few drops of EO to a teaspoon or so of the vegetable oil. Oils can be diluted in this manner for use for massage purposes and for children or people with sensitive skin. Be creative by using drops of different oils to make blends.

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