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Blue Cohosh, the Midwife’s “Best Friend”

As a practicing midwife and Master Herbalist I have been using my own pregnancy and birthing formulas (available at for decades, including several which contain blue cohosh, namely – Cervix Softener Tincture, Labor Prep Pills, Labor Boost Tincture, and Blue Cohosh Tincture. The first three formulas mentioned contain blue cohosh combined with other synergistic herbs. In recent months a few pregnant women who have ordered the Cervix Softener from have returned it after hearing claims from their midwife or doula that blue cohosh is allegedly dangerous for the fetus.

Candida-X White Paper

Candida-X White Paper By Eric Bjarnson, Ph.D., Sunstone, Inc. October, 2015 Candida-X is an herbal supplement formulated by Dianne Bjarnson, Master Herbalist (Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing) and CEO of Sunstone, Inc., Pleasant Grove, Utah, for supporting the restoration of a healthy balance between the fungus/yeast Candida albicans and beneficial bacteria making up the […]

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