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Air-Aid Emergency Mask

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Immediate personal protection against airborn contaminants, including bacteria and viruses (one micron and larger filtration is 98%) and vaporized chemicals (molecules much less than one micron with filtration at 95%).

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Air-Aid Emergency Masks have an advanced activated carbon filter built in, which increases the filtration of particulates over the normal 95'% of a medical mask to 98%!  Bacterial and Viral Filtration particles one micron and larger filtration is 98% or N98. And for vaporized chemicals (molecules much less than one micron), filtration is 95% or N95, which is much greater than a regular medical mask.

Live chemical tests with the Air-Aid Mask have been conducted by the State of Utah. These tests are more informative than laboratory tests, since they are conducted with volunteers, who subsequently report effectiveness. That report is available upon request.

An important factor to be considered is whether or not it’s feasible for people to have respirators (gas masks) with them when a terrorist attack occurs. The fact is that the number of police officers, military base guards, or private citizens that carry the bulky obtrusive gas mask with them at all times is extremely small (less than 0.01%). Given that an attack is usually an unforeseen event, most of these individuals will be inoculated or poisoned before they race back to their car, jeep, barracks or home and apply their gas mask. There is only one mask that addresses this critical shortcoming, and that is the Air-Aid Emergency Mask. This mask is a very small, inexpensive, shirt pocket portable device that allows a person to always have an escape mask at hand, despite the unforeseen. It will significantly reduce the chance of becoming infected or poisoned, because it is composed of the same filter mediums as a gas mask. The difference is that rather than pulling air through a narrow restriction, as in a gas mask, the wearer breaths through a large surface area, thus minimizing leakage from the edges as experienced with a conventional respirator.

While the Air-Aid Emergency Mask does not reduce the probability of infection or poisoning as much as a properly fitted gas mask would, nevertheless, as we noted above, gas masks are rare items in times of real emergencies.  Given all these factors, the Air-Aid Emergency Mask is the best emergency option for the average policeman, soldier or private citizen.  

Brent Anderson, Former Weapons System Analyst for Joint Chiefs of Staff, designed the Air-Aid Emergency Mask.  We are excited to be able to offer this high-quality and highly-effective mask  to our customers at such a low price - especially in bulk quantities!

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