Now you as a Sunstone Formulas Retail Customer also get quantity discounts when you order multiple products that are associated with the same parent category (certain parent categories only - see NOTE 2 below), whereever you find those products in the store. Below are some examples.

Example 1: If you order one Heal-It Salve and one Mend-It Salve (wherever you find them in our eStore), you get the 2-count quantity discount for both salves (25 cents off each bottle). 

Example 2:  If you order two bottles of Plague Buster Syrup and two bottles of Mend-It Syrup (whether you find them in the Cold & Flu section/category, Mom & Baby section/category, or in the Syrups section or our eStore), in the cart window, you see that you're getting the four-count quantity discount on each bottle, thus saving you $2.00 on each bottle!

NOTE 1: Once you've put two or more products into the cart which are associated with a mix and match quantity discount parent category, the prices on all the products in that category are changed to reflect the quantity discount prices, wherever you find the products in the eStore.

NOTE 2:  Mix and Match Quantity Discounts are available on all the products associated with each of the following parent product categories (wherever the products are found in our eStore):  Syrups, Salves, Colloidal Silver, Tinctures, Glycerites, Oils, Teas, Powders, and Capsules.  The products associated with other parent categories have regular quantity discounts in effect.