All international customers are now automatically agreeing to the new Sunstone, Inc. policy regarding international shipping every time they order.  Please read through this policy carefully.  If you have any questions or comments, email us at

Beginning January 10, 2012, Sunstone, Inc., is adopting this new policy regarding international orders (i.e., those being shipped outside the United States of America).

  • A $5 handling/insurance fee will be added to the shipping bill for each order. This fee will help defray some of the costs of insuring the order. In other words, each order that is shipped to an international destination will now be automatically insured, and the customer is sharing in the insurance cost through the $5 fee added to their shipping bill.
  • If the customer selects USPS First Class International as the shipping option (the cheapest option) at checkout, he/she is doing so, agreeing to the following risks:
    • Even when Sunstone, Inc. automatically insures USPS first class international packages, they are still not tracked or guaranteed to arrive at their destination!  USPS Priority international and Express international packages are tracked and guaranteed to arrive within a certain time frame.  So, while Sunstone, Inc. is still offering first class international as a shipping option, the company now strongly urges their international clients to select either Priority or Express international shipping options at checkout.
    • If the customer or we at Sunstone, Inc. suspect that an insured first class international package got lost or damaged in transit, we have to wait 30 days from the day we sent the package to the customer before we can put in a claim for reimbursement.  Then we have to wait two to three additional weeks to get reimbursed.  So, in order to be fair to ourselves as well as to our international customers who select first class international shipping, we've decided to adopt a new policyWe will wait 30 days from the shipping date before we, as mutually decided upon by Sunstone, Inc. and the customer (through email or phone communication), will ship out a replacement order to the customer, and the replacement order will be sent USPS Priority International, with the customer paying for the shipping.  The other option we'll offer to the customer is to reimburse him/her for the cost of the merchandise (i.e., everything but shipping, handling, and insurance) after the 30 day waiting period has ended.
    • Finally, if the original order happens to eventually arrive at the customer's destination after the 30-day waiting period and after Sunstone, Inc. has either shipped a replacement order to the customer or reimbursed the customer for the order, the customer must agree to do one of two things:  either 1) contact us and pay us for ONLY THE MERCHANDISE via either PayPal or credit card, or 2) do not hold the package, open it, or use the merchandise inside it, but immediately send the package back to Sunstone, Inc. at the address given on the shipping label, at the customer's expense.