OK, so what's all the fuss about detoxing or detoxification?   It seems like everywhere you turn in the more naturally-oriented health field you run into something or other regarding the need for detoxifying your body.   Let's briefly and clearly chat about this topic, because it is very crucial to your health and wellbeing.   I'll stay away from obnoxious big words and scientific jargon as much as I can, because I want you to completely understand what I'm telling you.  If you want the scientific data behind what I'm presenting to you, it's available by the buckets at reliable sites on the Internet and in professional journals.  I may mention a source or two as I go along for you to read more about a particular topic.


First, your body goes through a natural detoxification cycle every morning from approximately 4 am to 10 am - so roughly over a six-hour period.  During that period, your body attempts to dump the toxins from everywhere in the body into the urinary and lower bowel tracts for elimination when you use the toilet.  Some is dissipated out through the skin via sweat and expelled out of the lungs via breathing.  If this natural detoxification process suddenly were to completely stop working even for a few days, you would get very ill or even die due to autointoxication.  

But what if this natural detoxification process is severely hampered?  What if your body is so full of toxins for a variety of reasons (including chronic poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, too much exercise, negative thoughts, environmental poisons, in-home chemical poisons, inherited physiological weaknesses, parasites, and a leaky bowel syndrome and otherwise dysfunctional digestive system, etc.) that no matter how hard your body tries, it simply cannot dump and eliminate all the toxins that have built up in it over the years and are continuing to enter it at an alarming rate every day?  

Right, You guessed it.  Inevitably, so-called degenerative diseases set in.  While some people's bodies are more resilient than others', symptoms eventually begin to emerge, and, if left unchecked, develop into full-fledged diseases in all their miserable glory.  You know what I'm talking about:  allergies, cancer, diabetes, IBS, CFS, arthritis, RA, heart disease - the list goes on and on.  And now more and more health and mental health scientists and practitioners are convinced of the inextricable connection between a dysfunctional digestive system, autointoxication, and neurological/brain disorders of all kinds, including autism, ADHD, HD, bipolar, schizophrenia, OCD, Alzheimer's, and hundreds of others. Check out, for instance, GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) at

Considering all the factors that contribute to toxins entering and remaining in the body need we wonder why degenerative diseases and mental health symptomatologies are showing up in plague-like proportions, especially among the populations living in the industrialized countries around the world?


Most of us do not exclusively live on and off of pristine land thousands of miles from civilization. Thus, nearly all of us, to one extent or another, find ourselves in need of cleansing the toxins out of our bodies.  This is the case regardless of how religiously we adhere to an organic, whole foods diet, foster healthy mental/emotional/spiritual mindsets and practices, supplement with plenty of probiotics and digestive enzymes, and stay as much as possible away from unpolluted foods and environments.

An ever-growing number of people who take their health seriously include in their regimens an annual or biannual month of detoxification.  During these periods of detoxification, they eat an even more strict raw foods diet, drink plenty of whole, raw, food juices and green drinks, continue eating probiotic and enzymatic foods (soured foods such as homemade sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt), and take herbal-based detoxification formulas to loosen up and expel toxins, such as heavy metals, that otherwise remain stubbornly lodged all over in the body.  Detoxification baths and skin brushing are also often part of these regimens, since the skin is your body’s largest eliminatory organ.

Help!  I'm new to all this!  I’m confused.  Where do I start?

OK, if you happen to be a newcomer to the world of health or at least to the world of detoxification, all this may be a little too much for you to understand.  So let’s bring this down to your level.

The Bowels:  Start and Stay with the BOWELS and KIDNEYS.  Other than your skin through sweating and to a certain extent your lungs through breathing, your bowels and urinary tract are the only way you can eliminate toxins from your body.  All the other organs and systems in your body eventually dump their toxins into the bowels and urinary tract for elimination.  Thus, the key to proper elimination of poisons from your body lies in a healthy, well-functioning bowel and urinary tract.  A healthy, well-functioning bowel is also the key to proper digestion of food and overcoming food and other allergies, and, consequently, proper metabolization and utilization of the nutrients extracted from the foods throughout the body.

So, here are things you can do to make your bowels more healthy and promote the elimination of toxins from your body.

1.  Eat High-Quality Foods and NO Processed and Devitalized Foods

Eating locally and organically grown and produced food – especially out of your own garden! - is the best way to get maximum nutrition and promote a healthy colon on an ongoing basis. Such foods often serve as natural detoxifiers in your colon, feeding the good bacteria essential for proper digestion of food while helping to rid the toxic bacteria from the colon.   Some of these foods, such as organically-grown cranberries or extracts thereof, are excellent healers and supporters of the urinary tract.

2.  Include in Your Diet Foods that Contain Naturally-Occurring Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

An essential part of your diet is comprised of soured/fermented foods that contain naturally-occurring probiotics and/or digestive enzymes and B vitamins.  Such foods as homemade sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt, kefir, etc. supply your gut with hundreds of thousands of beneficial probiotics and enzymes and vitamins that aid in digestion while promoting better elimination of waste and toxins.

3.  Include in Your Diet Wholesome Saturated, Polyunsaturated, and Monounsaturated Fats

There’s a growing body of scientific research and literature extolling the virtues of consuming plenty of animal and plant-derived fats/oils in your diet to promote a healthy gut and overall well being.  Become an enthusiast of using a variety of oils and especially olive, coconut, sesame, and butter (or ghee, which is clarified butter – look this up on the internet to find out how to make it), all of which must come from organically-grown, raw and unadulterated sources.

4.  Incorporate Whole-Herb Detoxification Formulas in Your Regimen to More Efficiently and Thoroughly Detoxify All Your Body’s Organs, Tissues, and Systems

If you’ve never done a detox, or if it’s been over two years since you last detoxed your body, strongly consider including Sunstone Formulas’ Deluxe Full-Body Detox Kit in your detoxification regimen.  Depending upon what condition your body is in (the healthier your condition the faster you can go), it will take you anywhere from one to three months to complete the program.  To be most effective, you need to follow the dietary recommendations delineated above, while you are taking the formulas.  Just below is a synopsis of the formulas making up the Kit and the regimen for taking the formulas.

Contents of The Sunstone Formulas’ Deluxe Full-Body Detox Kit

The Kit contains the following 8 products:

  •        Bowel Detox & Support Tablets, 2 bottles of 90 count, 1000 mg
  •         Kidney & Bladder Detox & Support Syrup, 16 fl oz
  •         Liver Detox & Support Syrup, 16 fl oz
  •         Circulatory Detox & Support Syrup 16 fl oz
  •         Lymph Detox & Support Syrup 16 fl oz
  •         Lymph Massage Oil 2 fl oz
  •         Detox Bath  and Liquid, 2 lbs  and 1 quart liquid
  •         Full-Body Detox Program Instruction Manual, 12 pages.  By the way, that's what you're reading right now!

General Considerations

Diet while on the regimen.  We strongly suggest that you change your eating behavior to conform to the eating regimen delineated earlier in this article while you are taking the Sunstone detox products.  It is not required, but the better you follow the eating suggestions, the more effective the cleanse will be.  Besides keeping all the elimination systems open and functioning, be sure that you drink adequate amounts of pure water while on your detox program.  Dry-brushing the skin also helps eliminate toxins.  In addition to the dietary suggestions already given, consider including carrot/celery juice and fresh garlic in your meals from time to time.  If you begin to get ill while on the detox, it may be an indication that you are cleansing your body faster than you can eliminate the toxins.  Cut back on the amount or times that you are taking the detox syrups in Sunstone Formulas’ Deluxe Full-Body Detox Kit.  Also, drink more water, and make sure your bowels are functioning well.  Usually, the detox symptoms will lessen or disappear within a day or two.   If the symptoms persist beyond a few days, you might consider taking a bath or two using Detox Bath at that point in time, rather than waiting until a later point in your regimen to do so.  Detox Bath allows you to very quickly dump a large amount of poisons out of your body through your skin (see below under Step 4:  Detox Bath for more details and instructions).  If Detox Bath does not solve the issue, you need to see your health care practitioner to determine what the problem is.  Once the symptoms pass, then you can build up again to the dosage you were on previously.

Get a pre- and post-detox checkup.  It’s a great idea to find out what your current health status is before you start on the detox program by getting a thorough medical checkup from your health care practitioner.  Then follow up by getting another checkup after the detox program to see what kind of measurable progress you’ve made by taking the time, care, and courage to cleanse yourself and eat well.

Sunstone Formulas Deluxe Full-Body Detox Regimen (Program)

Please consider the following recommendations for the order and manner in which you take Sunstone Formulas’ detox products during your full-body detox program:

STEP 1:  Start with Bowel Detox & Support Tablets.

The organically-grown or wild-harvested herbs making up Bowel Detox & Support Tablets have traditionally been used for centuries to cleanse and strengthen the bowels.

Ingredients:  cascara sagrada bark, barberry, cayenne, fennel seed, ginger root, lobelia, Oregon grape root, red raspberry leaf, turkey rhubarb root, garlic, bentonite clay. 

As I already brought out earlier in this instructional manual, if your bowels are not functioning well, amen to your ability to detoxify your body!  Even if you think your bowels are working just fine (you should be having a bowel movement for each major meal you eat during the day – so at least three), you need to take Bowel Detox.  Not only does this formula help the bowels move, but it also helps dislodge and move old fecal matter out of your colon as well as heal the entire intestinal tract.  Once your bowels become regulated, you can move on to the next product listed below.  If you’ve had a long history of bowel problems, we strongly recommend that you continue taking Bowel Detox throughout the entire full-body detox program.  While Bowel Detox is powerful, it is completely safe and non-habit forming.   

DOSAGE:  (all dosages given are for adults; ½ these dosages for smaller children).  1 to 6 tablets, or more, as needed.  Based on the dosages discussed below, decide whether or not you need to purchase an additional bottle of Bowel Detox (to last you through the entire detox period) when you purchase the Full-Body Detox Kit.

a.  People whose bowels are in pretty good shape already:  If you’re already consistently having 2 to 3 bowel movements a day, start with 1 tablet of Bowel Detox and move up to 3 tablets a day with your evening meal by the third day (i.e., increase your dosage by 1 tablet each day until you reach 3 capsules).  When you awaken in the morning, you will experience a more compelling urge to empty your bowels than usual.  You’ll find the volume of fecal material to be greater than usual, as well.  Continue taking 3 capsules with your evening meals for at least another full week before moving on to the next phase of the full-body detox program.  Since your bowels are functioning well, you don’t have to continue taking Bowel Detox throughout the rest of the detox program.  However, because you will be releasing so many toxins from the organs and tissues of your body, we recommend that you consider continuing to take a maintenance dosage of Bowel Detox every day of from 1 to 2 tablets.  It could only help you better eliminate the increased amount of toxins that are being dumped into the colon.  Taking three capsules a day, the 2 bottles of 90 count Bowel Detox Tablets will last you about 60 days.  You can order more from Sunstone, if you’d like.

b.  People whose bowels are not in good shape:  If you’re having less than 2 bowel movements a day, or if your bowels are not getting fully emptied when you do have bowel movements, or if you’re having a great deal of difficulty in completing your bowel movements, then you need to start with 2 tablets of Bowel Detox with your evening meal and increase the dosage by one tablet every day until you reach a total of 6 tablets.  Sometime in this process, you will begin feeling more compelling urges to hit the toilet after arising in the morning, and, eventually, two to three more times a day.  You may find it easier to take three tablets with your morning meal or middle of the day meal and then the final three with your evening meal.  Continue taking six tablets (you may go down to four if your bowels start functioning very well) a day for at least two weeks before moving on to the next part of the detox program.  And when you do move on, it would be to your great advantage to continue taking a maintenance dosage of Bowel Detox – let’s say two to three tablets a day – throughout the entire detox program.

Taking 6 tablets of Bowel Detox a day, the 2 bottles of Bowel Detox will last you about 30 days.  We strongly suggest that you order another bottle or two of the Bowel Detox Tablets when you first purchase the Kit, if you think you’ll want to continue taking it to the end of your detox program.  Otherwise, you can order from us later on just before you run out.

For those whose bowels are still not moving well by the time they’re taking 6 tablets, they need to continue adding one tablet a day until they are taking 9 tablets.  If this still fails to get their bowels moving, they need to see their health care practitioner for an examination.  They could have a serious bowel obstruction or some other medical condition that demands immediate attention! 

STEP 2:  Kidney & Bladder Detox & Support Syrup.  This syrup, like all the other products in the Kit, is made up of whole organically-grown or wild-harvested herbs and other organically-grown ingredients.  These herbs have been used for centuries in safely and effectively cleansing and healing the urinary tract.

Ingredients:  uva ursi leaf, dandelion root, gravel root, hydrangea root, juniper berry, lime fruit, nettle leaf, saw palmetto berry, corn silk, horsetail grass, yarrow aerial parts,apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerin, honey and purified water.

Cautionary Note:  If you are pregnant and exceptionally prone to miscarriage, do not take Kidney & Bladder Syrup, because the Uva Ursi herb in the formula tends to cause mild uterine contractions.  This cautionary disclosure only applies to women with severe miscarriage histories or threatening miscarriage of the current pregnancy.  Most pregnant women are at absolutely no risk in taking the syrup.  In fact, Dianne, the master herbalist creator of this formula and 33-year practicing midwife, often prescribes it for her pregnant clients with chronic urinary tract infections.  Many of these women have responded poorly when taking prescribed allopathic medicines for the problem, but their infections clear up remarkably quickly and with no side effects when taking Kidney Detox Syrup.  As a precaution, if you’re pregnant, check with your midwife or other health care practitioner before taking Kidney & Bladder Detox Syrup.

Detoxifying and strengthening the urinary tract is a natural next step in preparing the eliminatory system for processing and flushing out the extraordinary amount of toxins that will be dumped into it throughout the full-body detox program.  Unfortunately, the urinary tract is often a neglected part of the body until it starts dysfunctioning or getting infected and you are forced to pay attention to it.  No one knows this better than the mystified dialysis patient whose kidneys suddenly stopped functioning altogether. 

DOSAGE:  (all dosages given are for adults; ½ these dosages for smaller childre

a.     People with normal functioning urinary tract:  Take 1 tablespoon of the syrup at breakfast and 1 tablespoon at lunch each day.  Some people do not mind the taste, so they take it straight.  Others prefer to mix it in water or juice to make it more palatable.   Take the bottle until it is gone.  Then move on to the next step in the full-body detox program.  The bottle contains 16 to 18 fluid ounces of formula, so taking two tablespoons a day will empty the bottle in approximately 16 days.  If your urinary tract is in particularly good condition, you can expedite this part of the detox program by taking three tablespoons a day (i.e., by taking one tablespoon of the syrup at dinner as well), thus taking approximately 10 days to empty the bottle. 

b.     People with some kind of urinary tract problem:  Depending upon the severity of the problem, you can take up to 6 tablespoons of the Kidney & Bladder Syrup per day (two tablespoons at each meal).  You will get through the entire pint bottle in five to six days by taking six tablespoons a day.  We recommend that you purchase an additional bottle or two of the syrup at the same time you purchase the Full-Body Detox Kit if you plan on extending your dosage, due to a problem that you are aware of.  As I mentioned above, Kidney & Bladder Detox Syrup is very effective at helping your body get rid of urinary tract infections.  If it’s a malfunction of your urinary tract, taking Kidney & Bladder Syrup may also help the body rectify the problem.  The syrup works well in conjunction with other allopathic or naturopathic treatments.  But, as a precaution, check with your health care practitioner for potential contraindications.  At this time we are only aware of the one contraindication stated above for miscarriage-threatening pregnant women.

Step 3:  Liver Detox & Support Syrup.  We are unaware of any contraindications for taking this extremely effective syrup.  After nearly a decade of seeing our customers of all ages (including pregnant women) get nothing but positive results from taking Liver Detox, we feel confident in recommending this product as a completely safe and effective  liver detoxifier and healer.  The herbs in this formula have been used for centuries to safely and effectively cleanse and strengthen the liver. 

Ingredients:  Organic or wild-harvested herbs: dandelion root, milk thistle seed, cramp bark, fringetree bark, lemon fruit, Oregon grape root, beet root, burdock root, prickly ash bark, fennel seed; Other organic ingredients: apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerin, honey and purified water.

Our liver’s number one job is to detoxify and cleanse all the impurities out of our blood.  A healthy, well-functioning liver is a master at trapping, filtering, neutralizing, killing, and eliminating any damaging substances we have inhaled, consumed or absorbed into our blood stream.  This includes bacteria, fungus, virus, parasites, old drug residues, alcohol, dead red blood cells, carcinogenic particles from plastics, toxic household chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, preservatives, and chemical additives that we consume unknowingly through store-purchased foods, natural or man-made toxins, etc.  If the liver were to suddenly stop doing its job, we would be dead within a couple of hours! (See Dr Schulze’s 5-Day Liver Detox, pgs. 9 – 11 for more details.)  Little wonder then that a sick, partially-functioning liver directly contributes to the onset and progression of disease and the malfunctioning of our body!  It’s imperative that we cleanse, detoxify, and rebuild our liver on a regular basis, so that our liver will be able to effectively cleanse, detoxify, and eliminate from our blood all the pathogenic substances that otherwise wreak havoc on our vulnerable cells.  By taking a bottle or two of Liver Detox & Support Syrup once or twice a year, your liver will be cleansed and strengthened in carrying out its life-saving functions.

NOTE:  Livers have an uncanny ability to regenerate quickly (we’re talking about weeks!) after being damaged or even losing up to 75% of their mass!  So, too, the normal liver cell replication is constantly occurring (as in every part of the body) through necrosis and mitosis.  When you cleanse the liver and eat healthy foods, your liver will be able to replicate itself with healthy cells rather than degenerate cells.  Detoxify and nourish your body – your liver will smile and serve you well!

DOSAGE:  (all dosages given are for adults; ½ these dosages for smaller children)

a.     People with normal, well-functioning livers:  Take 1 tablespoon of the syrup at breakfast and 1 tablespoon at lunch each day.  Some people do not mind the taste, so they take it straight.  Others prefer to mix it in water or juice to make it more palatable.   Take the bottle until it is gone.  Then move on to the next step in the full-body detox program.  The bottle contains 16 to 18 fluid ounces of formula, so taking two tablespoons a day will empty the bottle in approximately 16 days.  If your liver is in particularly good shape, you can expedite this part of the detox program by taking three tablespoons a day (i.e., by taking one tablespoon of the syrup at dinner as well), thus taking approximately 10 days to empty the bottle. 

b.     People with liver problems or whose livers are just not functioning well:  If you suspect at all that your liver is not functioning well or that there is something wrong with it, have your health care practitioner check it out immediately.   If your health care practitioner does identify some problems in the functioning of your liver, let him/her check out the ingredients of Liver Detox & Support Syrup to ensure that nothing in the syrup might be contraindicated for your condition.  Again, after 10 years of our customers using this product, we have yet to hear of any instance of there being a problematic side-effect in its use.  Depending upon the severity of the problem, you can take up to 6 tablespoons of the Liver Detox & Support Syrup per day (two tablespoons at each meal).  You will get through the entire pint bottle in five to six days by taking six tablespoons a day.  We recommend that you purchase an additional bottle or two of the syrup at the same time you purchase the Full-Body Detox Kit if you plan on extending your dosage, due to a problem that you are aware of.

Personal Case:  Several years ago, I was at a health convention with naturopathic, chiropractic and other alternative physicians.  For a couple of days previous to the convention, my right side just under my ribs had been very sore and I was not feeling well.  One of the physicians checked me out and told me that I needed to check myself into a clinic for immediate attention – I had a serious liver infection going on!  I knew what I needed to do.  I went home and took 5 or 6 tablespoons of the Liver Detox.  I took a hot bath, after which I massaged Mend-It and Warm-It Salves into the sore area, put on an old sweatshirt, and got into bed.  For the next several hours, my side was very warm, and I sweat a bucket of toxins out of the area.  In the middle of the night, I got up and changed into some dry clothes, and even had to change my bedding.  I took a few more tablespoons of the syrup and went back to bed.  In the morning, I awoke with 70% of the pain gone.  I continued taking several more tablespoons of the syrup throughout the day.  At night, I went to bed after taking a bath, but this time I did not apply the salves.  They had already done what they needed to do the night before.  The next morning, the pain was totally gone, and I felt fine. 

Step 4:  Detox Bath.  We’ve arbitrarily placed Detox Bath in this spot in the program.  After reading this information, you may decide to incorporate this product at an earlier or later point in your detox program.  As mentioned above under General Considerations, Detox Bath can be very effective in helping your body get rid of large amounts of poisons rapidly, thus helping the body overcome negative detoxification effects by greatly reducing the amount of poisons circulating throughout the body via the bloodstream and lodged elsewhere waiting to be eliminated through slower internal mechanisms.  The unique contribution that Detox Bath makes in the detoxification of your body is the effective use of your skin – the largest organ of your body – to eliminate poisons from your body.  Detox Bath enables your skin to quickly open up its pores and spill out into the bath water the poisons that would otherwise need to be taken out through your body’s internal eliminatory mechanisms.

Sunstone's powerful Detox Bath consists of a 2 lb bag of edNatural Ph-enhancing deep earth electrolytes, with the sodium and potassium in a carbonate and chloride configuration, and one quart (32 fl oz) of concentrated sea minerals from Utah's famous Great Salt Lake, which includes 88 minerals and trace minerals.

You get a total of from 1to 4 baths out of the Detox Bath pack, depending upon the size of your tub (regular or over-sized) and your intended use (illness/serious detoxification or just maintenance).  See below under Use for details.

Detox Bath is great for:

  •         Detoxing from all manner of contaminants, including bacteria, virus, fungus, candida, nuclear fallout, heavy metals, etc.
  •         Relieving pain
  •         Enhancing your immune system
  •         Metabolizing and reducing excess adipose tissue
  •         Recovering from illness of all kinds.

Enjoy the therapeutic qualities of a natural hot mineral springs bath in your own tub!

Use: Mix both the liquid and ed parts into your warm bath water.  Maximum benefit is obtained with extended soaks of up to two hours. The 2 lb package of  plus the quart of liquid is perfect for an oversized tub and high potency use (i.e., for serious illness and detoxification purposes).  For high potency use in a regular tub, use ½ of each part for the bath.  For a maintenance bath, use ½ of each part in an over-sized tub and 1/4 of each part in a regular-sized tub. It is recommended to cut the amount and time in half on your initial bath.  See under Recommendations below for more info.


  1.       During the hot soak, body fluids up to half a gallon per hour can be lost through perspiration. Nausea and headache may occur due to the loss of fluids and electrolytes or deep cleansing.   Drink fluids and replace electrolytes orally during the soak.
  2.      If you are using the baths for 6 - 7 days or more in a row, take magnesium daily.
  3.       We found that our Detox Bath has a tendency to deplete cellular potassium, so we suggest that you take our Elete Electrolyte conjunction with your baths.  Elete Electrolyte contains the full spectrum of trace minerals along with the major electrolytes to help your body maintain equilibrium and strength while detoxifying. 
  4.      A hot bath may elevate the pulse.  Those with preexisting heart problems should exercise caution.
  5.      Beginning with a less than full tub allows additional hot water to be added to maintain temperature.
  6.      You may want to take shorter soaks of 20 to 30 minutes, get out and cool down, and then get back in the tub.
  7.      Frequently scrubbing the skin with a bath brush or wash cloth opens the pores and enhances the cleansing process.
  8.      Because toxins are discharged into the tub water, it is not recommended to share a bath.
  9.      Adding hydrogen peroxide to the bath is excellent for those who have rashes, degenerative diseases, or need additional oxygen therapy.
  10.   Essential oils such as lavender may be added directly to the bath water.
  11.   Consult with your health care professional before use.


  •         Part 1 - : Natural Ph enhancement deep earth electrolytes, sodium and potassium in carbonate and chloride configuration.  2 LBs
  •         Part 2 - Liquid: Concentrated sea minerals, 88 minerals and trace minerals, with colloidal silver, zinc and copper. 1 QT

Step 6:  Circulatory Detox & Support Syrup.  Most of the tissues and organs in your body end up eliminating their toxins into your bloodstream.  Your bloodstream then drops off the toxins into the liver, the lungs, the kidneys, and the bowels for elimination from the body. Circulatory Detox & Support was formulated for circulatory system and general body cleansing and support.  Circulatory system cleansing has traditionally been used as a cancer preventative and treatment, as well as for breaking down and eliminating masses or growths in the body.  The organically-grown and wild-harvested herbs in this remedy have been used for centuries for these purposes.

Ingredients:  organically-grown or wild-harvested herbs:  red clover blossom, burdock root, ginkgo leaf, Oregon grape root, passionflower leaf, pau d' arco bark, butcher’s broom, Turkey rhubarb root, cayenne fruit.  Other ingredients:  apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerin and purified water.

Advisory: This formula is not recommended during pregnancy, because the red clover is a strong blood thinner.

Dose: Adults 1 – 2 tablespoons, children 1 – 2 teaspoons.  1 – 3 times daily.  Adults may increase their dosage to a maximum of six tablespoons daily (preferably two tablespoons with breakfast, two tablespoons with lunch, and two tablespoons with dinner).  In like manner, children may also increase their dosage to a maximum of six teaspoons daily.  Take the entire bottle before moving on to Step 5.  Taking the maximum of 6 tablespoons of syrup a day will empty the pint bottle in 5 or 6 days.

Please consult with your health care practitioner, if you perceive or have any reason to believe that you may have some kind of problem with your blood, circulatory system, and/or heart.  High blood pressure may be an indication of even bigger problems in your circulatory system and heart.  If your condition warrants it, be sure to have your physician monitor how you’re doing at certain points along the way during your detox program, so that you’re completely safe.

Step 6:  Lymph Detox & Support Syrup; Lymph Massage Oil.  The lymphatic system is quite complex, and most people (including even those who do) work in the health field know very little about it.  The lymphatic system runs parallel to or in conjunction with the circulatory system throughout the body, and empties into the veins.  Before the lymph reaches the veins, it flows through a series of filters called lymph nodes, where bacteria and other foreign particles are trapped and destroyed.  Major lymph nodes are located in the groin, behind the knees, under the chin, and in the armpits.

Use of Lymph Detox & Support Syrup: This syrup is formulated to detoxify and support the lymphatic system.  Pregnant women may take this formula.  The organically-grown and wild-harvested herbs in this formula have been safely and effectively used for centuries for these purposes. 

Ingredients:  cranberry, bayberry root, cleavers aerial parts, echinacea root, lobelia aerial parts, mullein leaf, poke root, poplar flower, prickly ash bark, red root, grape vinegar, vegetable glycerin and purified water.

Dose: Adults 1 – 2 tablespoons, children 1 – 2 teaspoons.  1 – 4 times daily.  As with all the other syrups in our detox kit, keep in mind that there are a total of from 32 to 34 tablespoons of syrup in the bottle.  If you have a problem with your lymphatic system, you might consider purchasing an additional two bottles of the formula at the time your order your kit.   Taking the highest dosage of 2 tablespoons four times a day (with food, preferably), your three bottles of the formula would last you between 12 to 15 days. 

Other Recommendations:  Drink lots of water.  Take bowel formula before bed each night.  Massage the Lymph Massage Oil into the lymph node areas daily to help move the lymph more effectively (see  below for details).  Also, exercise daily to help move the lymph. Jumping on a mini tramp is considered the best exercise for the lymphatic system.  This is because the changes in gravity (less gravitational force when you bounce up and more gravitational force when you come down) create the perfect muscular contraction and relaxation combination for moving the lymph, besides affecting and strengthening every single cell in the body! Also, dry skin brushing followed by a hot and cold shower stimulates the more superficial lymph vessels.

Use of Lymph Massage Oil:  The regions of the body have specific lymph node groups that are dedicated to maintaining the cells in that region. The lymph will provide nourishment for the cells in the body while removing debris and pathogens as it travels to different lymph gland groups.  We have formulated Lymph Massage Oil for helping to expedite lymph flow and thus more effectively and quickly moving out the toxins and infectious pathogens.

Ingredients of Lymph Massage Oil:  sweet almond oil and cajeput, eucalyptus, lemon thyme, bay laurel, lavender proprietary blend of essential oils.

While you can massage Lymph Massage Oil into swollen lymph nodes or painful areas of the skin anywhere on the body, the following drawing and information indicate some of the specific lymph gland groups and the locations that they maintain

  •         Cervical - this group is located in the head, neck, and jaw, they include nodes that are deep along the blood vessels, these nodes filter the areas located above the shoulders
  •         Mediastinal - found in the chest by the lungs, bronchi, and windpipe and will circulate in that location
  •         Axillary - located in the underside of the arm and circulates lymph in the breast, chest, and upper abdomen
  •         Inguinal - found in the groin area and take care of genitals, lower limbs, and abdomen
  •         Pelvic and Lumbar - these are located in the pelvic and filter lymph in that area

NOTE:  When lymph nodes are located near nerve endings it can cause pain and effect function in the area. When they are near organs and cause pressure, the organs may stop working.

NOTE:  The Lymph Massage Oil also works wonderfully for restless leg syndrome.  I often massage it into my legs at night when I can’t get to sleep due to my lower limbs just not settling down with the rest of my body.  I massage the oil first down then up my entire leg and make sure that I include the top of my feet. 


So, there you go:  the most essential information that you need to know for successfully carrying out a Sunstone Formulas Deluxe Full-Body Detox program.  Once you’ve completed the entire cleanse program, we hope you feel like running and jumping – no matter what your age!  If you have any questions about our products or this instructional guide, call us at 1 888 838-4118 or Eric’s cell at 1 801 358-5578, or you can email us at,, or